Current Musical Notes (10-16-2016)…

Welcome, all, to this first post to stray from our regular topic of anime.  I don’t intend to wander off-topic often, but I will occasionally share other news.  And so:

  1. Cecile Corbel, known to anime fans for the soundtrack of the 2010 movie The Secret World of Arrietty, has just released a new album entitled Vagabonde.  Interested?  Check out her online store at:
  2.  Sapphire Solace is a Gothic rock/Electro band whose music puts me in mind of Evanescence, or even Claudia’s Ashes.  They are currently seeking crowdfunding through for their upcoming album Waiting to Breathe.  Click here to learn more and listen to sample tracks!
  3.  Rachael Kilgour is preparing to release her new album, Rabbit in the Road.  I’ve already received a copy, and this is some strong stuff!  Finely crafted and poignant lyrics about pain, loss, and confronting others’ judgement are delivered in a richly emotive voice.  Visit:

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