Scorched Doki-Doki

Welcome, all, again.  We will this time be discussing Scorching Ping Pong Girls, one of the very few sports-themed anime series to attract and then hold my attention.  And it’s not that I dislike sports; rather, I carry over from real life the attitude that a sporting event should be watched as a particular event, without undue interest in the personal lives of the athletes.  That might sound strange in this age of instant celebrity, but it’s my attitude, even towards my own favorite teams.  So realizing just how much I was actually enjoying this show came as something of a shock!  Yes, this show is pretty alien to my normal viewing habits. . .but sometimes you just have to admit that change can be fun.

So, I’ll come right out and say it: by my best estimation, this show is basically YuruYuri with table tennis as storyline.  Honestly, protagonist Koyori both looks and acts a lot like YuruYuri‘s Akari–I even keep waiting for her to fire her bun bazooka!  And all the lead characters are paired-off with one another, just like on. . .well, you get it!  And that’s what initially got me interested in the show, because I am a huge fan of YuruYuri and shows of similar sort (such as: Aiura, Yuyushiki, Chronicles of the Going Home Club, etc.).  The ping pong was an admittedly new element for me, but was organic to the storyline and thus to the fun and humor.  And as a bonus, I’m even learning about the sport–rules, techniques, and more.  Not bad for a show whose initial draw was a hairstyle.

But what’s it all about?  Well, you might be vaguely familiar with the premise: a school club sets out to practice and improve in order to–wait for it–get to Nationals!  Oh, the joy of competition!  Oh, the sound!  The euphonium!  (HAIKYU!, HAIKYU! very much!)  Meanwhile, friendships (and couples) are formed; life lessons are learned; and heart attacks become the newest fashion accessory.  Or so you might think, what with all the doki-doki.  Yes, lots.  In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen another show with nearly this much doki-doki.  So prepare yourself, and get ready to have all life’s big questions answered.  How much doki-doki causes heart failure?  Diabetic shock?  How does a shy, klutzy girl court a tsundere?  And will the world’s favorite vocaloid Miku ever get her twin tails back from this imposter pictured above?  You’ll need to watch to find out!


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