Meanwhile, Beyond Anime. . .

Welcome, all, again.  While the new anime viewing season ramps up, I’d like to suggest two animated series that are not actually anime (at least not as the term is commonly used).  The first is The Loud House, aired on Nickelodeon, and the second is Cartoon Network’s My Knight and Me.  Both are well-worth a watch!

The Loud House is set in [fictional] Royal Woods, Michigan, and follows the everyday life of Lincoln Loud amongst his ten sisters, five older and five younger than he.  Each sister (except Lily, who is just a baby) has a very distinct personality, all of which actually seem to complement Lincoln’s own is some way–even if he sometimes has trouble realizing it!  Eleven kids make for a crowded house, and they all subsequently feel the strain; Lincoln, as the only boy, just feels it a little more.  But he’s got the help and support of his best friend Clyde, who heads up what proves to be a strong cast of regular supporting characters.  And if the title didn’t tip you off, this is a raucous, loud show that greatly benefits from bright onscreen colors and plenty of physical humor.  And don’t worry–this show is already in its second season, so there’s plenty to watch!

Next up is My Knight and Me, built loosely upon groundwork laid in the 2013 animated short film 850 Meters.  In that 14-minute film, viewers are introduced to the knight Henri, his no-nonsense horse, and a dragon menace.  The show returns Henri (now titled of Orange) and introduces his son and squire, Jimmy, and Jimmy’s best friend Cat, princess and heir-apparent to the throne of Epic.  While Henri came off as something of a knight-errant in the film, his fealty to Cat’s mother the Queen seems to have moored him somewhat, perhaps making his behavior just a bit more chivalrous.  Or maybe it’s Jimmy’s presence that has refocused his efforts and attitude.  Oh, he’d still rather play a tune than fight, but fight he will to defend queen and country!  Even though his courage unfortunately outpaces his strategic or tactical abilities. . .which is where Jimmy becomes so important, being generously blessed with both.  Bring Cat along to keep an eye on father and son, and you’re ready for adventure!  True, I don’t usually care for CG animation, but it works here.  If you liked Jane and the Dragon–which I loved!–you’ll feel right at home in this new series.

So, I hope that you’ll take the opportunity to watch these shows, and maybe even explore a bit more of what’s currently being offered in animation beyond anime.  (For example, I’ve also been enjoying Mighty Magiswords on Cartoon Network, and Steven Universe just seems to get better and better.)  Anyway, please know that my next post will be slightly delayed; unfortunate circumstances require my travel overseas, from which I should return prior to month’s end.  I can’t wait to see what shows we’ll be talking about by then!


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