Musical Notes for 09 May, 2017

Welcome, all, again.  As regular readers might know, I am a passionate fan of both anime and music, and not afraid to spend just a little money when something I want becomes available.  So please let me share some good news:

To begin, Gillian Welch is releasing a vinyl pressing of her 2011 opus The Harrow & The Harvest through Acony Records, with scheduled availability in late July.  For more info about this release and upcoming tour dates, please follow this link:

Also, two artists whom I have championed here before are currently seeking support on PledgeMusic in hopes of bringing projects to fruition.  VV & The Void extended their campaign to fund their debut album The Upper Room, but time is drawing to a close.  Fans of electronica, goth, or related genres should really take a listen to the sample tracks!  This is some rich, enveloping sound that makes me wonder what Wagner might have wrought had he had access to today’s technology, while the spellbinding lyrics seem born straight from that sound.  Don’t cheat yourself–give this band a listen!

And Fifi Rong is wrapping up another pledge drive, this time towards the release of two new singles.  But you’d better believe that she’s offering much more than that to those who support her!  You might remember that Fifi just months ago attended her first SXSW in Austin, Texas.  She says that she had a great time and met lots of wonderful, supportive people.  So why shouldn’t she meet you, now, over on her pledge page?  Fifi is EDM’s very own torch singer, something of a neon dream of vision and sound. . .oh, did I mention that I’m a fan?  Go give her a listen, and see what you think:

Don’t worry, folks, we’ll get to more anime next time.  But these are artists whom I admire and support, and I wanted to share their current projects with you just in case you might want to participate (in whatever fashion).  But if I’ve done nothing more than introduce you to some new music, then it was still well-worth a post!  That said, I encourage you to find what you love and support it.  (That is what inspired this site. . .)



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