Observations on Anime Blues 2017

Welcome, all, again.  Anime Blues 7 just wrapped up yesterday afternoon (Sunday, 09 July), and I hope that some of you were able to attend.  Although my schedule only allowed my own attendance on Saturday, I brought my two youngest sons and my niece (all adults) with me and we all had a blast!  Panels were attended; cosplays were admired; and vendors were enriched.  I even treated my group to lunch at Shang Hai, one of the restaurants which I mentioned in my previous “Going Native” post.  We had only one day, but it was a good day!

Some observations:  wide variety of panels and discussions; many photo-shoot opportunities (of which I failed to avail myself); good selection of vendors and wares, from anime & art to clothing & collectables to imported Japanese eats; high attendance numbers (based upon personal observation, not official count).  Security was present without being overbearing (oh, that first year–you’d have thought we were at a TSA training facility!).  And the Sheraton once again provided catered food, which I didn’t go near enough this time to even comment upon here.

As to be expected, con means cosplay.  There was plenty on display, with many beautiful and intricately detailed costumes being worn.  (Such artistry!)  Characters past and present made appearances, such as Tohru

and Kiki.

But cosplay is more than just costume–comportment is likewise important!  The Sailor Moon franchise has been reinvigorated–some would even say reinvented–by Sailor Moon Crystal.  And there was a corresponding increase in related cosplay at AB7 this year.  But out of all the Sailor Moons and fellow Sailor Scouts running around Cook Convention Center, this one stood out to me like a candle in a dark room:

Hers was not the most detailed costume–indeed, her sailor blouse was actually a screen-printed T-shirt.  It was instead her comportment–her dedication to portraying the essence of a young Usagi suddenly become an unready but desperately needed hero–that made her into her character.  For me watching, she was more than just Sailor Moon–she was Usagi being Sailor Moon, an aspect too often overlooked.  This is how it’s done, folks.

Anyway, much loot was bought and much fun was had!  For fellow attendees, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.  For those who didn’t make it, I hope you can next year.  Or to the con nearest you.  Cons can be a little weird and overwhelming, especially your first one, but they offer a unique immersion into fan culture.  So go geek out with some other folks who actually talk the talk and get your references.  Go ask your burning questions; go show off your costuming and crafting skills!  Go have a little fun.  Go con!

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