Magical Circle Guru Guru!

Welcome, all, again.  I bring to you today a most recent discovery of mine, found only this morning–but I can’t stop laughing, and have already re-watched this show a couple of times!  And just what have I found?  Something called Magical Circle Guru Guru, currently being shown on Crunchyroll.  Apparently, this is its third incarnation as a TV anime, with the first running from 1994-5 with 45 episodes and the second in 2000 with 38 episodes.  (Boy, am I late to this party!)  24 episodes are scheduled for this time around.

But what is it?  A blast from the past with serious comedic bite!  From what I’ve read, the franchise came about as a parody of RPGs.  I’m not a gamer, so such description is edging beyond my knowledge and experience.  The show does, however, remind me a lot of when video games first began appearing in homes, with their simple 8-bit graphics and almost interchangeable characters and quests.  (The artwork used is also kept predominately simple and childlike.)  I could easily see this being some early version of Mario where both the gamer and Mario (and fellow characters) had ALL been out drinking the night before play.

As for the story itself: Demon King Giri has returned after being banished for about 300 years.  Only one practitioner remains of the hereditary magic that sealed him away, 12-year-old Kukuri, who is woefully undertrained in using her powers.  And falling into her life as if out of the sky is Nike, 13 years old and trained by his father to be a hero.  Unfortunately, Nike has no interest in becoming a hero, preferring to instead study magic.  But choices are for rich people, and Nike and Kukuri suddenly find themselves out questing in the big world.  Will they find allies?  Or enemies?  Or even each other, as Kukuri has an incurable habit of wandering off?

This show is side-splittingly funny as well as being just plain, stupid fun!  Honestly, this wasn’t even going to be my subject today, but it’s such a great show that my plans got hijacked.  Once I found this, I just had to share it!  I can’t wait for more episodes (on Tuesdays at 12:05PM EDT), and heartily encourage you to give this comedy a try.

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