Of MSonic! and Blue Screens. . .

Welcome, all, again.  I apologize for this latest absence, which was caused when my computer blue-screened about a week-and-a-half ago.  On the day after I posted my review of Frame Arms Girl, I left my computer on while going into the kitchen to cook a quick meal.  Upon my return some 15-20 minutes later, I found a bright blue screen showing and also found myself unable to move beyond it.  Being something of a technophobe, I confess to some slight panicking.  The local Office Depot, to which I took my computer problems for years, no longer has a tech on staff, so I went to OfficeMax (aren’t they the same company, now?).  This provided me with a partial victory, as the tech managed to resurrect my computer but not my stuff.  So, basically, my computer has amnesia and I’ve been trying to help her regain her memory.  No easy task when I relied upon her to remember so much for me!  Seriously, she doesn’t even remember her own name.  (Speaking of which, why do folks of my generation–people whom I heard name their cars while back in high school–look at me like I’m crazy when I say I named my computer?  WTH?!)

Lucy gets ready to rock in our spin-off’s prequel OVA

But I guess that’s as good of a way to segue into my review as any, focusing as it does upon a little anime aside called MSonic!, spun-off from Monster Strike but preceded by the OVA A Rhapsody Called Lucy–The Very First Song.  Honestly, I’ve never seen an episode of Monster Strike, which is itself based upon a mobile physics game (and later RPG) of the same name.  The Monster Strike anime series follows the efforts of Ren Homura to establish a new life in his old hometown, despite his inability to remember much about previously living there.  The show has characters playing its namesake game competitively in leagues, using monsters that are actually advanced holograms.  But in the anime’s second season, monsters begin appearing in real life outside of the game.  Not that any of that really matters in our current discussion.

Now, I’ve said before that I’m not a gamer, and I seldom have much interest in anime series that focus upon games (or sports, for that matter).  And MSonic doesn’t.  Made as a miniseries, this short traces the trajectory of D’Artagnyan’s rise to idol status, seemingly as a grateful acknowledgement of the interest displayed by Monster Strike‘s fandom.  Apparently, D’Artagnyan was a minor but unexpectedly popular character, so her personal story is receiving special treatment as something of a love letter to fans.  And me?  I just like the lightness and fun feel of the show–there’s really neither message nor social commentary (subliminal or overt) to examine.  Somebody simply woke up one day and decided to make a show about a cute neko-girl chasing her sudden dream to become a pop idol.  And that works well; certainly well enough for me!


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