Opportunity Knocks! (Current Anime Crowdfunding)

Welcome, all, again.  Normally within these digitally confined walls, I review an anime while suggesting that you watch it.  Occasionally, I even suggest crowdfunding projects for your consideration; these are, however, usually related to music albums.  Not today!  Today I submit for your perusal two anime projects and one comic book, so please take a look:

Anime project #1: UNDER THE DOG the Movie                                          Now, this is really the addition of two new parts to the original half-hour UNDER THE DOG Episode 0 released in 2016.  The first addition will be a live-action short of approximately 20 minutes during which intended series protagonist Anthea relates her story.  This will segue viewers into the actual anime, following girls who fight for a paramilitary organization called Flowers as they carry out one of their missions.  Then will come the second new addition, a closing music video made by K-ON! veterans Atsushi Isoyama (producer) and Shoko Omori (lyricist).  The ultimate goal of this theatrical release is to help generate interest in a televised anime series.


I loved the original pilot, and look forward to this new, expanded version.  Especially since the current team is promising to avoid repeating the many mistakes and disappointments experienced by supporters in the actual release and distribution of the original.  If interested in contributing, please visit: [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1356660673/under-the-dog-the-movie-live-action-short-and-musi?ref=user_menu]

Anime project #2: Halloween Pajama in Seattle: the Dream Catcher                So, what have we here?  Halloween Pajama is the creation of Yasuhiro Irie, known for his work on such anime as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Alien 9, and–two of my personal favorites–KURAU Phantom Memory and Scorching Ping Pong GirlsHalloween Pajama marks his foray into the world of manga (with volumes 1-5), but, as might be expected from someone with such an extensive anime pedigree, he began wishing to see his creations in motion.  Halloween Pajama is herself the superhero alter-ego of 10-year-old Jakou Ran, a clever and energetic girl immersed in a world of Halloween motifs.  One last thing: the anime will be a musical.  But, seeing that this is scheduled for a roughly 20-minute run time, that shouldn’t become a problem.  This guy is the real deal, so I anticipate the same from his new work!  Please find information at: [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1489287301/yasuhiro-iries-animation-film-halloween-pajama-in?ref=profile_starred]

And, finally, our comic book project: Goth Ghost Girl comic book #1          OK, so there’s no pressure here, because this one is more than fully funded already.  But don’t you still want to be part of this, to know that you were there at the beginning for what became one of your favorite comics?  The murdered guitarist of an all-girl punk rock band returns from the grave to seek vengeance and mad beats. . .the first storyline sees our heroine Lilly O-Siris (and I’m loving that name-play!) try to help an abused girl with some sickening home issues.  But if the story sounds intense, the artwork is glorious[!], illustrated by none other than Sergio Quijada.  Seriously, I can get lost for hours just on that guy’s DeviantArt page.  This looks to have some solid storytelling by creator and author John Schlim, Jr., and Quijada’s art is already amazing, so check things out at:[https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fablehaus/goth-ghost-girl-comic-book-1?ref=user_menu]

And there you are, three projects actively seeking your help in jumping from idea to reality!  I’m excited for all three, and encourage you to consider their merits relative to your own tastes.  Moreover, I encourage you to visit crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter.com and pledgemusic.com to explore your own interests–you might just become part of something really special!


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