Fifi Rong Returns with “Awake”

Now, how’d she get up there?

Welcome, all, again.   Just a quick post, here.  Two weeks ago I suggested 3 possible crowdfunding opportunities for your consideration.  Two of those–the new, extended production of Under the Dog and the launch volume of Goth Ghost Girl comic–have closed with successful funding!  Meanwhile, the anime premier of Halloween Pajama (brainchild of anime legend Yasuhiro Irie) is still seeking backers: []

Fifi Rong at SXSW

But I bring exciting news!  EDM artist Fifi Rong, whom I have several times before championed on this blog, is working on a new project and again seeking supporters.  We’ve reached out and supported her before, especially when she made her first trip to the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, earlier this year–now let’s show our appreciation yet again!  Jump over to her pledge page and listen to the sample tracks.  Then, if so inspired, help her out with her new EP.  She’s an extremely talented singer/songwriter and a mesmerizing performer, not to mention a surprisingly charming person, so please take a look: []

Thanks for your interest and support!  I’m constantly amazed at the beauty that we as fans can now help bring into our world, and I’m solidly behind these two projects.  Meanwhile, I promise more actual anime review for next time.  In fact, I’m very eager to discuss a couple of past favorites that are currently showing strong second seasons. . .so, see you then!

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