The Game’s Afoot! Blossom Detective Holmes

Welcome, all, again.  While it is my purpose through this blog to review anime, it gives me especially great joy when I am also able to help introduce people to new or even emerging shows.  For those of you who have not yet heard, Steve Ahn has released the pilot to his new animated mini-series, Blossom Detective Holmes.  If Ahn’s name sounds familiar, it just might be because you enjoy watching cartoons.  What did he just say?!  Cartoons?!  That’s right, I said it–cartoons.  Working such varied positions as storyboard artist to director, Ahn has had his hand in: [The] Cleveland Show; Ben 10 (both Omniverse and Ultimate Alien Force); Voltron: Legendary Defender; and Avatar: Legend of Korra, amongst others.  And as with that last example Korra, Blossom Detective Holmes has a decidedly anime flavor.

Titular character Skylar Holmes and her friend and assistant Jamie are two young women particularly well-suited to investigating mysteries.  Skylar has an abnormally keen sense of smell that allows her to pluck clues from the air, their combinations gelling into a series of deductions very like those associated with another Holmes.  And also like that other Holmes, Skylar has a tendency to get quite focused on her deductive reasoning, even to the point of becoming occasionally inattentive to other matters.  So when those other matters might mean grave bodily harm or even death, it pays to have someone in your corner–especially somebody like Jamie, who is both brave and loyal, and who additionally possesses a miraculous camera that can teleport the two wherever Jamie imagines them.  Very convenient for our heroines, although the streets of Victorian Stockholm might never be the same.

Now, I honestly don’t know how much I can really take away from a 5-minute pilot.  But I’m already quite comfortable saying this: the characters are engaging and intriguing; the story is fluid and well-paced; and the artwork is a genuine work of art.  It seems that Ahn has recruited some of his colleagues from “the big leagues” to help out with this endeavor.  It paid off, and in spades!    (And I’m not the only one who thinks so–if yet unpersuaded, please follow this link to Den of Geek’s review: [].)  So take five minutes of your time and watch Blossom Detective Holmes; Ahn has it available for free viewing until 31 December, 2017: [].  Hope you enjoy the show!

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