Sorcery in the Big City

Welcome, all, again.  The holidays are bearing down upon us, and Christmas parades have begun rolling down city streets.  Is it any surprise, then, that the Christmas specials have already begun airing?  And now there’s a new one to watch(!)–Sorcery in the Big City from producers XFLAG and studio SANZIGEN, the same studio that brought us such amazing works as Black Rock Shooter and Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova.   It began airing on 01 December, and can be seen on either YouTube [] or Crunchyroll [], but the English subtitles are better on Crunchyroll.

So, what’ve we got, here?  Well, Akari Kido is an officer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police who is coming to New York City as part of a police officer exchange program.  She is actually returning to the city where her father served as a police officer, but he was killed in the line of duty on Christmas Eve fifteen years ago.  Now Akari, like her father before her, is protecting its citizens.  But she herself is protected by Apple, the pink stuffed bear that her father gave her the night he died, which she brings with her from Tokyo.  And I do mean protected by, because on her first night back in NYC, things get weird.  A witch/magical girl figure named Liberty flies through the city giving life to toys and holiday decorations, which then wreak havoc.  Worse yet, Apple catches her eye and a wave of her wand, leaving Akari to awaken alone and distraught.

Still, Akari doesn’t have time to mourn this very personal loss, as she soon finds herself facing the mayhem caused by Liberty’s animated minions.  She transitions quickly from traffic control to emergency response, but just how does one subdue such beings?  Her answer swoops in, a super-powered girl in a pink bear outfit whom Akari recognizes as a very changed Apple, but even Apple is overwhelmed by the destructive power of a creature accidentally released by the battle between Akari and Liberty.  Can Apple protect Akari long enough for Akari to protect New York?  You’ll have your answer in just 40 short minutes, so grab some milk and cookies and enjoy watching the Big Apple’s most unorthodox Christmas parade!

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