AMVs That Really Help Sell Their Anime!

Welcome, all, again, and a merry Christmas and blessed Yule season!  The winter solstice is days past now and the Oak King has ascended the throne, meaning that the days are finally–however imperceptibly–beginning to lengthen.  (But it might still be a good idea to find somewhere warm to spend the next few months!)  The anime viewing seasons are also changing, so I decided to offer this brief, happy post as fodder and filler.  I’ve already discussed certain favorite specific episodes of mine as they relate to my moods, so I thought I might post a few series-specific amv’s (anime music videos) that really capture the spirit[s] of their subject shows.  Have fun watching, then go explore this second-life realm of anime for yourself!

Let’s begin on a high note with Spicy Love, an entry representing Spice and Wolf:

My next offering is a bit more somber, and represents Sora no Woto (Sound of the Sky); please enjoy Dogs of War:

I deliberated a bit with this next choice, as most of the lyrics aren’t in English.  But the mood of the music seems very appropriate to this amv, which itself matches well the overall tone of its show, Flip Flappers.  And removed from the blatant sexuality of the song’s original, official video, the translated lyrics still apply pretty aptly to the show’s story.  Here’s Flipping Illusion:

And for an upbeat ending, my final offering is Notice Me!, representing Gekken Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun):

Yes, Seo, it’s over, but there are many more examples of amv’s that really represent well the premise and spirit of specific anime series, not to mention the emotive capabilities of those which gather clips from various series to create their own stories.  Of course, if you’re even reading this, then I’m probably already preaching to the choir. . .but if you somehow haven’t yet explored this side of anime viewing, you should.  Because whatever mood you’re in, there’s an amv for it–probably several thousands.  Now go have some fun!

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