Mazinger Z Returns [Briefly] in Theaters!

Welcome, all, again.  This post represents another brief note, this time directed towards our mecha fans: the movie Mazinger Z: Infinity, initially released in October, 2017, will have a two-day U.S. release with English subtitles courtesy of Fathom Events.  The dates are for next week, 11 & 12 February.  Please follow this link for more information and to pre-order tickets: []

Mazinger Z had its original run as both a manga and anime series from 1972-1974, and followed the adventures of young Kouji Kabuto as he piloted the titular super robot.  His grandfather had been part of a Japanese archeological expedition to Greece studying a lost pre-Grecian civilization that they called the Mycene Empire.  These ancients had left behind giant fighting robots which, once discovered by the expedition, were commandeered by its one German member, Dr. Hell.  (Sorry, no points for subtlety.)  Hell then slaughtered the rest of the team in order to protect his mechanical army, but the elder Kabuto managed to escape and construct his own super robot made from Super-Alloy Z, itself a product of the newly discovered element Japanium (found only in the sediment of Mount Fuji).  Kouji was then tasked with using his grandfather’s weapon to oppose Dr. Hell’s attempts at world domination.

 Following this first incarnation, numerous adaptations and sequels were produced, my own favorite being the 2014 parody Robot Girls Z.  And now we have Mazinger Z: Infinity, wherein young Kouji has matured and become a scientist, himself.  But when a new threat emerges that is beyond the abilities of others to counter, Kouji must resume his role as pilot and protector. . .

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