New Memphis Music Drops! “Eat You Alive”

Welcome, all, again.  As regular readers will by now know, I have the habit of using this site to share things other than anime, such as announcements about music, manga/comics, and crowdfunding opportunities.  This is a quick music announcement.  As-yet unsigned Memphis band A Shattered Soul has partnered with Urban Stone Music Group’s The Brasco to release “Eat You Alive,” and the video dropped today (06 February)!  This pairing of musical styles blends hard rock with what’s called Southern hip-hop to create a thrillingly unique sound.  (Meanwhile, the cinematography showcases environs local to Memphis, particularly the Natchez Trace Parkway.)  Be warned about obscenities and chilling imagery, so keep the kiddies away.  But enough reading!  Watch and listen here: []

Parental Note: Obscene language; chilling imagery–not for the very young, thanks.

Addendum: As poor of a comparison as this might be, watching “Eat You Alive” puts me in mind of the Saga of Tanya the Evil amv for Dope’s song “Die Motherf_cker Die”: [].  (Who knows?  Maybe it’s the eyes.)  And even if that’s a poor comparison, it’s still a high compliment!

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