Music Notes for 07 March, 2017

Welcome, all, again.  Time does not slow merely because I do, so I sometimes find myself caught by surprise.  This morning is one of those instances.  Some while back I let it be known that the band Sapphire Solace was seeking backing through PledgeMusic for their latest album, Waiting to Breathe.  They reached their goal and released a rich, gorgeous collection of song and music in what I can only call an electro/Goth vein.  Darkly beautiful stuff!

And now a band called VV and the Void (pictured), hailing from within the same musical space, finds itself in similar position.  As of today, they have twenty-five (25) days left to complete their fund drive on PledgeMusic for their album The Upper Room [].  These are powerful songs couched within swirling thunderheads of music, and they need to be heard.  I’m going to do my small part to try to make that happen, both through my blog and my wallet.  Visit the link above and, if you like what you hear, consider helping them out!  I promise, it’s a great feeling to help bring a little beauty into the world–and this music possesses an almost Wagnerian sublimity.

And, speaking of approaching dates, remember that Fifi Rong’s very first SXSW performance happens in mere days in Austin, Texas.  She’ll be performing at midnight on 16 March at The Iron Bear.  Also of note, The Birthday Massacre’s new album Under Your Spell is due for release in May of this year.  They also sought fan funding through PledgeMusic and had a very successful campaign.  Merchandise, including pre-orders of the new album, is currently available at:  So go show Chibi some love!

The Birthday Massacre

And so, for your consideration and in closing this column, I would urge those of you who are interested and able to explore crowdfunding.  Reputable and established sites such as PledgeMusic, Kickstarter, and Patreon (as well as others) offer ordinary individuals the chance to participate in bringing a bit of artistry into fruition, enriching the world in the process.  Speaking personally, I have found it to be very satisfying to watch, view, or listen to something to which I contributed.  You might, as well.