11 March, 2011–In Remembrance

Welcome, all, again.  This post is not intended to be long, nor will I review anything.  Rather, in solemn remembrance of the victims of 11 March, 2o11, I suggest watching three short works (each under 6 minutes) addressing the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and aftermath.  They are: Blossom (my favorite); Psychedelic Afternoon; and By Your Side.  Produced by Zapuni, the 311 Japan Earthquake Charity Project, they beautifully examine loss and recovery and can be viewed by visiting: zapuni.com/#videos.  Zapuni is one of several organizations which continue to provide aid to those affected; if you are so inclined, you might consider researching such ongoing efforts and opportunities to contribute.  Regardless, please enjoy these shorts and take some time to reflect upon how wondrous and fragile our lives.  Thank you.