Welcome, all!

My name is David Boone, but visitors to either crunchyroll.com or 918thefan.com will recognize me as moonhawk81.  I’ve been a fan of anime for decades, and have for several years written reviews for the above-mentioned sites.  (Find them in the previous incarnation of CR’s Takeout newsletter or my ongoing monthly column on the Fan, The Wandering Witch.)  Still, I frequently see anime that I know I won’t have the chance to cover for other sites; that’s why I’m here.  But one thing will stay exactly the same–I only review what I like.  So if you see it here, then you already know that I like it!  (That doesn’t mean that I’ll ignore flaws or weaknesses.  But it does mean that the show is worth watching.)

But why the kid gloves, you ask?  Because I love anime!  Every anime–whatever its premise, genre, or style–will find an audience.  It will find its audience.  And it is my personal belief that those fans (sometimes ourselves, after all) deserve to have their show reviewed with respect, interest, and appreciation.  And so I defer the review of what I don’t like to those who do.  It’s common courtesy and just plain good manners.

But enough of that!  Let’s start talking about anime. . .